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PSP remastered titles coming to PS3

On May 22, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Today it was announced in Tokyo that a collection of PSP games are to be remastered for the Playstation 3. The collection is going to be known as “PSP Remastered” and will see the chosen PSP games the following.

  • HD make over
  • Compatibility¬†with PS3 controller
  • New additional content
  • 3D support (this is title dependent)
  • Ability to import the save data from the original PSP game
  • Ad-hoc mode gameplay (not supported by all titles)

The first game that will get the “PSP Remastered” treatment in Japan will be Monster Hunter Portable 3rd developed by Capcom.

Here is a video comparison of the PSP version compared to the PS3 version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd:

Thank you to Reiji51 for the video.

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