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New Stargate Worlds screenshots surface

On May 12, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

New Stargate Worlds screenshots have appeared via former CME Art Director Jacob Johnson’s website.

Stargate Worlds was an MMO based on the hit Science Fiction franchise Stargate and was developed by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, but after CME had the Stargate Licence taken from them by MGM the game has since died.

Now on with the screenshots:

The screenshots include a never before seen planet known as Pertho which was supposed to be an Asgard planet (Asgard were on the Stargate Union also known as the good guys). The other screenshots are from a collection of planets including one called Egypt (final name was never revealed), Lucia, Sokar’s moon and Omega Site.

All images were done by Jacob Johnson and you can view his work by going to his website by clicking here

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