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Black Prophecy Open Beta begins

On February 28, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Gamigo the developers of the spaced based mmo Black Prophecy have announced the start of the games open beta. At this time the open beta will only be available to people in Europe, but will be available to North American players sometime in March.

The new open beta sees many changes and new additions:

  • Controls have been made more intuitive and allow the direction one is shooting in to be determined independently from the direction of the ship.
  • Weapons have had their damage output balanced.
  • The level cap has being raised to level 40.
  • modular ship-building, the skill system, exciting single-player, group, clan and PvP missions as well as the innovative clan stations have been fully implemented.
  • plus much more.

Also here is some released screenshots from the open beta:

If you are in Europe and you wish to register for the open beta go to the Black Prophecy website by clicking here

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