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Dialing the gate in Stargate Worlds

On January 1, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Ever wondered how gate dialing was going to work in the mmorpg Stargate Worlds? Well worry no longer here is how is was going to be done.

The dialing mechanic was an interesting idea in Stargate Worlds. There was many debates on how dialing should work in the game.

  • Manual dialing
  • Auto dialing

Where some ideas by fans.

Getting the address

Now in Stargate Worlds you couldn’t just run up to a DHD and hit random symbols in hopes that you could get one to work or input one your friend told you.

To get an address you had to unlock them. Gate address where simple to unlock it just required you to complete a quest or 2 to unlock them. Here are 2 examples:

  • An SGC or free jaffa player would unlock the gate address to Dakara and Omega Site simply by finishing the SGC starting zone.
  • A Praxis member would unlock the Tollana gate address by completing a number of quests around Harset (the praxis capital). I think one was fixing the shield generator for the city.

Once you gained the address you were free to use it.

The many ways to dial the gate

Now that you got your address you got to dial the gate. Now this is where I liked the idea of gate dialing. Dialing could be played like the easiest minigame ever invented. When you click the DHD a screen pops up which is called “address book”. The address book is a list of all the gate address you have unlocked. After that you had 2 options. Auto Dial or manual dial

Auto Dialing

Auto dialing is well exactly what it says on the tin. You hit the planet you want to go to on the address book and the gate automatically dials (you see 7 empty boxes fill up with the address symbols) and the gate activates (be careful of the kawoosh) and you enter the gate and go to you destination. Simple dialing at its best.

Manual Dialing

Manual dialing is as I say earlier is the worlds easiest mini game. For manual dialing it is pretty much like auto dialing, a screen pops up after you click the DHD and the address book pops up. You select the planet for manual dialing and you see 7 empty boxes and a DHD. Now this is where the easy mini game idea pops in.

You are given a near transparent 7 symbols for the gate address on the 7 empty boxes and what you have to do is find that symbol on the gate on the pop out screen and hit it. Repeat this until all 7 chevrons lock and activate. Then you step through the gate.

Continue to page 2 for screenshots and a video of gate dialing.

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