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SGW audio sneak peek part 5

On December 12, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

So we have reached the end of the road. Another sneak peek series comes to a close. So to make it nice I decided to add 2 pieces of music. Also instead of SGW Lore and quest audio (which I have pretty much ran out off) I will be adding some sound effects. Well on with the music.

Tollana – Hope

Tollana’s Hope is a song about the hope for its people the Tollans.

Flash required

Yellow Base

Yellow Base is a base on the planet Lucia. It is unknown if that was its finished name

Flash required

Stargate Worlds Sound Effects

Here is some nice little sound effects from SGW.

  1. ring transporter
  2. electric fence hum
  3. wormhole activation
  4. health regeneration
  5. beam in
  6. stunned
  7. wind
  8. goauld ATM
  9. staff plasma tier 5
  10. zat electric tier 5
  11. SMG tier 1
  12. ion cannon fire

SGW audio extra

Here is a little extra to end the series. The following video is from the SGW login screen with some music and sound effects.

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