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More “new” SGW images

On November 8, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Well some more “new” Stargate Worlds images have appeared again. This time they appear to be early workings on models.

Here is a bit of info on them.

  1. #1 is of Apophis female armour. This is likely a loyal Jaffa (Praxis Jaffa) armour set.

    the orignal concept art revealed on the SGW website of image #4.

  2. #2 is the front of the Apophis armour head piece which resembles a snake which makes sense because Apophis was considered a Serpent of chaos.
  3. #3 is the back of the head piece in #2, but you can see the markings that Apophis had on his Jaffa in the Stargate SG1 TV show.
  4. #4 is one of the first mobs that where revealed in SGW a long time ago (as you can see on the right). But the reason why this is added is because we have a name for the robot. “Battle Walker” now it is unknown if this was his finished name or a placeholder name.
  5. #5 is another mob. The picture shows the concept piece and then the model of the mob. We have also seen this little mob before in a developers portfolio. Now just like with #4 we have a name for this bug which is “Carnivortick”.
  6. #6 is the raptor like mob which can extend his head and release bone looking spins from his back when attacking or preparing to attack. Just like #5 we have a concept art piece to go with the model. We also have the name for the raptor like creature which is “Carnosaur”.
  7. #7 is a Goa’uld female showing of some of here armour.
  8. #8 is like #7 as in more Goa’uld female armour. I guess the idea behind Goa’uld armour was the less armour the better…. Then again the Goa’uld do have energy shields.
  9. #9 is something we may have spotted before in one of the last officially released SGW images which can be viewed here. The “Goa’uld drone” seems to have many phases and well for some reason the from head seems to remind me of  “War of the Worlds” drone which was looking in the basement for signs of life in the remade one with Tom Cruise.
  10. #10 is a good old “Oranian”. These guys were seeing mostly in the Lucian Alliance in the TV show. It looks like SGW where planning to have them and hopefully planned to flesh the race out a bit.
  11. #11 is the prison suit with a giant boot. Now I believe the prison suit is worn by the OP-Core characters when they start the game in the “Castle” and so likely is the boot, but why an over sized boot?.
  12. #12 is another mob in the game which has the concept art piece along with the model. Now we also have a name for this Rhino like creature which is “rhinolyon”.
  13. Last but by no means least is #13. Now this one is kind of out of place because it seems to be one I missed a good long time ago. The picture consists of a normal Straegis and a Straegis titan to show the size difference between the 2 mobs and there is also a human model thrown in to show the size difference of the 2 Straegis creatures vs the human. Looking at this I wouldn’t want to be facing a Straegis Titan alone.

Sources:RC Torres and Thad Clevenger

Author: Aaron Meehan

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