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Reserve your SGR clan today

On September 21, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Last week Jonathan Beffel (Aoloebio) of Dark Comet Games posed a poll to the Stargate Resistance community on the official forums asking them how they would like to see a Clan system done.

The 3 choices where:

  1. Clan leader / officers can send requests to users to join their clan, the user then accepts and is now a part of that clan.
  2. Users can send requests to join a clan of their choice and will only be added to the clan once a clan leader / officer accepts them.
  3. Both #1 and #2.

After 6 days it appears that the vote for “both #1 and #2” seem to have pretty much won.

You can view the poll/ vote on it here

Now yesterday a new development towards this clan system has appeared with Jonathan asking clan leader to reserve their clans name.

Now this registration requires 3 things:

  1. The clans full name
  2. Clan tag
  3. The name of the leader of the clan

Also with every registration there are rules that must be followed. Here is a list of the rules you must comply with:

  • Clans may only have 1 leader, please do not post information regarding rosters or officers at this time.
  • Attempting to perform a hostile take-over of another clan is not permitted via this reservation request, attempting to do so could result in your banishment from the forums.
  • Brackets such as [], (), etc will not be included in Tag Reservation requests and will be limited to Alphanumeric and – values only.
  • Clan Tags must be between 2 and 6 characters in length.
  • Italicized clans are pending investigations but are still reserved until further notice.

If you wish to register you clan head on over here.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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