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Dark Comet Games questionnaire

On August 6, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Dark Comet Games have sent out emails to everyone who signed up for the Stargate Resistance newsletter.

The newsletter talks about Stargate Worlds as well as Stargate Resistance. There is also a questionnaire part asking what you are interested in:

  1. Stargate Worlds
  2. Stargate Resistance
  3. Stargate gear, in-game items, prizes, and promotions from Dark Comet Games and partners.

if you can’t read the SGW and SGR parts here is what says.

Stargate Worlds development is currently on hold.

What happened to SGW? Is development going to continue?
When will it come out? Why did you stop making the game?

All of these are excellent questions, and we simply do not have all the answers as clearly as we would like. What we can say is that Stargate worlds is currently being audited to determine the best path forward. Cheyenne Mountain is restructuring to be able to fund its completion, and all parties remain committed to the project. We will update you with news as soon as we hear it, but for now, keep track of this project on the forums, and continue to provide your suggestions and input – it’s the best way to stay connected.

New Maps, Weapons, Modes… and Domination

The influx of suggestions on new maps, special class abilities, gameplay modes, achievements, changes in story line and overall game development is enough to make your head spin…. and we love it!! Our experienced team of level designers, environment artists and technical animators have worked on many games in the past but there is something very special about Stargate Resistance…. The passion for this game is remarkable for both gamers and developers alikeĀ  and we have a lot coming down the pipe for you.

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