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Dark Comet Games are being taken to court

On August 27, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Well most of us though after CME went away the court cases wouldn’t follow Dark Comet Games, well unfortunately it looks like Dark Comet Games is about to jump into the frying pan.

On the 26th of August courthouse news have reported that the assets for Stargate Resistance which is made up of assets from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainments game Stargate Worlds could have being taken illegally by the company (DCG).

Shareholders of CME where angered at the fact that DCG allegedly spend $100,000 on the assets and  shareholders believe the selling price is a mere 1% of its value.

But this is where it seems to get worse. Former president of CME Timothy Jenson was negotiating the transfer of  the assets, but  no “approval was sought or obtained from the bankruptcy court permitting CME to dispose of … all of the assets of CME’s subsidiaries.”

The Plaintiffs say that fresh start studios (aka DCG )knew that were risks in taking the assets without any authorizing resolution or signature by CME or CMG.

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Author: Aaron Meehan

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