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SGR website updated

On July 15, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Over the last week or so the official stargate resistance website has being getting some new pages and some tweaks to existing pages. New pages added are pages about ranks and achievements and the 2 modified pages are the Stargate Command and System Lord pages.

The rank page has 2 pictures showing off all the ranks for the SGC and System Lords and explaining them.

The SGC use air force ranking system because the SGC was originally operated by the U.S Air force and so the IOA kept them. It also goes onto talking about some lore. It explains why very few aliens are in the SGC ranks due to invasion fears, but new screening techniques have seen an influx of new aliens to the academy.

The System Lords rank system continues to use the system that has being in place for 5,000 years but slightly modified. With all System Lords following the ranking system there are instances where Jaffa outrank Goa’uld in combat.

The Achievements page explains achievements the page has some screenshots of different achievements and also explains that

New content is added to the game regularly, much of it accessed through unlocking achievements. Even if an achievement today doesn’t unlock something, tomorrow it may be the key to a new costume, weapon, or even world!

The SGC and SL pages have new info and updated images of weapons on each classes sub page.

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