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New SGR Community web kit out

On July 8, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Dark Comet Games have released an updated version of theirĀ  SGR community web kit onto their SGR website. The link to the new web kit is http://stargateresistance.com/web-kit.html Now let us look at the stuff in the new web kit.

The new web kit consists of 5 folders and a list of SGR links.

The folders names are:

  • ads
  • ART
  • Images
  • Screenshots
  • Wallpapers

Now lets have a look inside the folders.


The Ads folder has 2 swf ads which are the same but in 2 different sizes, one its 160×600 and the other id 300×250.

Here is the ad:


The art folder consists of well art from the game. There is weapons, character and world art like concept art for a Generator. The ART folder also has a sub folder called World_Art which has models of the stones in SGR.

Here are some pics from the foler:


The Images folder consists of buy now images and other miscellaneous images.


The screenshots folder consists of 5 screenshots from the game (all of which have being previously seen, so will not be shown here).


The Wallpapers folders consists of numerous wallpapers. Numerous images are of the Spec Ops BDU [Black] and Anubis Guard armor and an updated logo with a blueish background.

All the stuff is really for people making fan sites but from a fan prospective the stuff in the web kit is nice too.

*Update* The links is not working in the ad. An updated Web-kit should be out with it fixed.

*Update 2* The links problem in the ad has being fixed in a updated web kit released.

Author: Aaron Meehan

Hi, I’m the creator of SG Gaming Info. When I’m not working on my writing or creating content for this site’s YouTube channel, I like to relax and enjoy character driven story games.

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  • Aaron I went through the new Kit and DCG put a new HighRes SL logo but No HighRes SGC logo? Or am I missing it? If yah can’t find it either cand ya ask DCG whats up?

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