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Just can’t stop changing

On July 25, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Well once again another change has being made to the official Stargate Resistance website (I wonder will it ever stop).

The change this time is the removal of the planets page, but it has being replaced by a “Global Domination” page.

The new page features a galactic map with all 4 planets, showing their position in the Milky Way Galaxy (from looking at it 3 of the planets seem to close, but it could just be me). Also each circle which represents each planets location is coloured blue or a gold yellow. This seems to represent which faction has domination over it.

Now mousing over one of the planets brings up a small 4 line brief explanation of the class. But if you click on it you can bring up a more detailed look at the map. Alternatively you can also click on one of the tabs just above the galactic map.

Insistently there are 2 pictures was pointed out on the official forums of a Ha’tak with an Alkesh and another with BC-304 orbiting a planet which kind of looks like Earth. It is unknown if this is a hint at some kind of space based map on one of these ships or space combat, but sometimes these pictures could mean something, just like the commando image.

Here are the 2 pics:

Ha'tak and Alkesh

Daedalus orbits a planet

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