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July 2nd QA chat roundup

On July 3, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Here is a roundup of what was said in the QA chat by the developers. I split them into different categories. Game types, Classes,weapons,maps,new in game features and Miscellaneous.

Game types:

  • King of the hill
  • Team Death match and Capture the Flag could appear on other maps.
  • Game type revolving around gate dialling.
  • Free for all game type being considered.


  • More purchasable content.
  • More unlock able content.
  • More customization abilities for classes coming
  • More in depth customization for characters coming to help individualize players.
  • High resolution models being developed for the remaining 4 classes.
  • Male and Female versions of each class in development.
  • No real yes/no on SGC classes getting a melee attack.


  • Zat Gun damage ability released: “This new damage doesn’t take away your health but if that damage accumulates too much you will die or even dissolve”.
  • Zat damage will diminish over time.
  • Scientist Turret balance being looked into.
  • Zat release date between now and Christmas.
  • More human and alien style weapons in development
  • A turret takeover weapon is in development.
  • New weapons will a mixture of SG cannon and unique SGR weapons.


  • New maps in development.
  • Map seen in the recent wallpapers is a tease for the theme of the new map (looks like the next map will be ship based).
  • Stationary turrets and cannon placements may appear in future maps.
  • Destructible objects are planned to open up new passageways in maps.
  • New Easter Eggs will be in future maps.
  • Current worlds could see more than one map.
  • Vehicles could be seen in vehicle based maps in the future.

New in game Features:

  • The ability to dial the gate is being developed.
  • Clan match support being considered.
  • More factions are being planned.
  • Report abuse system being implemented into SGR. Works by writing short description of an incident and submitting it to DCG ingame.
  • New classes are being discussed.
  • Friends system being added to the lobby.
  • Tutorial system being added to help new players in SGR.
  • DCGs vision for the next 6 months: More characters customization, more maps, more map types, less bugs and more eye candy.
  • There are plans to redesign the Heads up display (HUD) and User Interface (UI).
  • Mini map is being considered (not likely to be seen until a UI redesign).
  • No plans for an ingame database.
  • No single player mode for SGR.
  • Server management tools are in the development.
  • No plans for ingame voice communication.
  • Lobby chat will be added in the future.
  • Iconic SG characters could appear in SGR in the form of a Hero class, over the radio or just as references like General Carter.
  • Clan servers are being worked on.


  • No plans for a SGR map editor.
  • Alternative language support being developed.
  • Next Patch will see bug fixes and polishing of the game.
  • Stargate Resistance merchandise being designed.
  • European Servers are still high priority.
  • RPG elements to be added to SGR: Active and passive abilities and unlockables.
  • SGR advertisement could appear on SyFy and MGM (likely meaning in DVDs), advertisement will likely appear in other ways beyond TV.
  • Another Free Play event is being considered.
  • SGR in game music will be downloadable of the SGR website in the future (unknown if it will be free or have a fee).
  • A boxed version of SGR is being considered. Could be seen as early as November.

Author: Aaron Meehan

Hi, I’m the creator of SG Gaming Info. When I’m not working on my writing or creating content for this site’s YouTube channel, I like to relax and enjoy character driven story games.

4 Responses to “July 2nd QA chat roundup”

  • Thanks Aaron I missed the chat Due to my Mum Being in the Hosp. This gives me a run down of things discussed with out dealing with reading thought the whole chat. Good news is I got the Laptop back, don’t know when I can be on. Looking Forward to all the newness DCG has planned for SGR down the road.

  • Alternative language support being developed. <— R&D stage at best… not being looked into to implement at this time.

    Maddog I hope your Mum comes out of the hospital soon, you have my best wishes.

  • did they say they would try weekly patches? I seem to remember reading that somewhere

  • Thanks Khestal…

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