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CME court case may 2010 update

On June 1, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Well it seems that people are beginning to forget about the court case which has CME, CMG and former CEO Gary Whiting as well as many others related in some way to Mr. Whiting or CME.

So here is a small update on what has happened in the court case this month. I must note that the case is still proving to be interesting after Edward Burr was appointed receiver of CME and its subsidiaries which include Firesky.

Well on with the May update.

12th May 2010

This date saw the continued discussion on the validity of joint venture between Dark Comet Games and firesky, which was discussed last month in court as well. Jerry Belt who is working with Edward Burr testified at the hearing. At the end of the hearing it was ordered and to quote from the released document.

At the request of the Receiver, the Court affirms the Receivership Order. The Court
confirms that the order was entered based solely on the record established at the evidentiary
hearing on the application for a TRO; there was no evidence presented concerning the JV

There is still no word on the validity of the joint venture.

24th May 2010

The 24th May session saw no news on the joint venture but it saw something interesting. The court received a request from Gary Whiting to represent himself as a “pro per”, which means “represents himself/herself in a lawsuit rather than have an attorney”(legal definition). There were no objections to Mr. Whiting’s request and the court agreed to Mr. Whiting’s request.

You can download the .pdf documents for this month below:

12th May 2010

24th May 2010

Author: Aaron Meehan

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One Response to “CME court case may 2010 update”

  • I went to the court house to review the case last week. Seems there is a lot of question as to when Tim Jensen was fired because documents have been entered showing he was terminated by Whiting many many days prior to Jensen executing the Agreement for Dark Comet Games. Additionally, there has been no proof that any payment was ever made thereby making the agreement invalid regardless. In one of whiting’s letters to Jensen where he joined Keith Deering to keep from being sued himself, Whiting claimed that Jensen knew of all the things, if they were so bad then why did he do nothing?

    Lastly, I have a copy of an e-mail from Shane regarding the day the police were at the CME offices and Whiting’s son let Gary in…. only for Gary to push Deering down and verbally assault everyone. Good times!

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