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Firesky release facebook game “Stargate PHD”

On May 15, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Yesterday Firesky released on their website a small facebook application called “Stargate PHD”. The game is developed by Firesky and HotSeat media published the game onto Facebook.

Here is some information about “Stargate PHD”.

What is “Stargate PHD”?

Stargate PHD is a small quiz based game which has you answering questions of varying degree about the stargate lore.

How do you play “Stargate PHD”?

To play “Stargate PHD” you pick which class you want to be (All SGR Classes) and then you can begin to answer questions.

Do you gain anything from answering questions right?

In a way yes you do. For getting questions right you can get 10exp or 25 exp depending on how difficult the question is and after 20 questions you can answer a bonus question about Stargate Resistance for 100 exp.

What is the experience for?

The experience is used for leveling up. The ranks are exactly the same as the ones in Stargate Resistance for SGC and System Lord. Also your experience is your score for the leaderboard.

Where can I play “Stargate PHD”?

You can play “Stargate PHD” at http://apps.facebook.com/stargatephd/

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