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Views on SGR Right Now as a Noob See’s it

On April 7, 2010 by maddog316

Well I thought before the release of the New Map an content I would a synopsis of SGR thus far. If One is a fan of Stargate this is a must buy.  Playing a Soldier trying to defend SGC from the System Lords. That alone if you have been a fan of SG1 and the original movie can make you salivate. SGC Has also the Scientist and the Commando to choose from. With the System Lords side you have the Jaffa. If you don’t Know about Jaffa’s from watching SG1 the well you might have issues. The sneaky Ashrak’s whose cloaking ability is the lynchpin of why every SGC player hates about them, and last there the Gao’uld. Their like a bad cough that won’t go away.

Was  fun for me to play in the SGC map for the reasons I have stated above. Grade A

Loosely based on the Carter character as a battle scientist.. I love playing them in the Amana temple. For me its fun to be a support to my teammates since I suck and am a bad shot anyways. Grade B –

I like to play these guys in Priamess when sides are playing right instead of making it a spawn camping fest. Spawn camping = no fun! The connection of the outer buildings makes getting a kill shot easy and you can move to another high location fairly unscathed. Grade C +

System Lords
We love them, an yet we hate them. Lol. I like to play these guys in all maps, their staff blasts make their attack easy from afar. And in close range they can beat the snot out of people. Grade B –

Most known in Stargate cannon for their episodes concerning Jolinar. These guys (ahem Girls) I like for Amana. Their ability to cloak makes the sneak actor fun. Grade A +


The SGC is were I like to play them . Its close combat makes it easy pickins for the Goa’uld’s style . Guys just heal your team mates. Grade C –

Earth / SGC
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this map. I like how the Devs have taken great care to give you the feel of playing in the SGC, yes the Fuel Silo isn’t a cannon thing per say but the devs had to add it to the map so there could be a central battlefield. Over all I give this map an -A.

Priamess (Whiteout)
This is a knock down, drag out, dirty battlefield with the weather Device as the Kicker. Allot of people just run the outside paths along the weather device. There is so much more though like the weather tower itself and the inside building paths on the outer sides of the map. Just watch out for the random Ashrak’s. People use these please, or else your just running and gunning in the snow paths. Using the building corridors could even help your cover to recover the tech crystals. I give this map a Straight C.

Amana / Temple
At first I avoided this map, But after The SGC I have grown to fall in love with Amana. First off its the most beautiful and detailed of the three maps In my opinion. Which ever of the sides has the domination factor going is the point for this map.. Most of the battles end up taking place in the central temple room. This map will show you which team is better coordinated. This map deserves a +B I believe for its gameplay

And there you have it! SGR is not a Big blockbuster kind of game. There in lies the ability to keep polishing that flawed gem in order to keep pleasing everyone. Allot of people who have spoke in poor terms how bad the game looks and plays, admit that after they play it a few time they go back on their words and end up praising the game if anything being enjoyable and addictive. Final overall Grade of SGR a C + to a B – . Keep in mind I’m a Noob so I’m grading things to my standards and I’m trying to be as Honest as I can without being Biased. SGR is a Great game and has lot of room for improvement. And That’s what I think the Devs were going for. And It’s Stargate! How cool is that! A Stargate game we can play and be critical of. What more can you ask for.
Stargate Worlds, Hopefully.

Article written By
Jeremy “Maddog” Maddock

Noob writer for SGGI

Author: maddog316

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