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Jim Brown talks about move on the SGR forums

On April 2, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Today Jim Brown said a few things about the move to the new office this week. Click read more to find out what he had to say.

Lol. I’m really sorry to everyone for any scare. Our move to new offices was a planned one for a while, but the best laid plans are laid waste after the first shot of any battle. Meaning, chaos ensued when we actually STARTED moving ;-). 5 24 foot truckloads later, our devs are all having difficulty lifting their arms or standing properly, and our server engineers are bleary-eyed from so many hours downtown, in a bunker without cell phone reception, trying to coordinate the great server migration.

Lots of rumors abound, and will continue to. But, basically, the SGR team didn’t need to occupy the massive facility CME had, when it had as many as 74 people in the one office alone. Too much overhead. Plus, CME had many interests and activities, but all we’re focused on is SGR’s success right now, as a team. Best for us to be in our own place, working just on that. CME “closing its doors” simply meant that we were moving offices, and so, yes, the doors to the old office were locked when we moved out ;-).

We’ll still be a few days getting everything working at our new offices, and ironing out any kinks with our migrations. Bear with us. But the new map is coming next, and some other awesome goodies shortly behind that.

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