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How was you Free weekend?

On April 26, 2010 by maddog316

Well it was a Wild crazy weekend. I’m glad to see we had an influx of new players but sad to see everyone complaining without looking for the answers first. Some of it was the players fault, and some was Firesky’s. The servers were just bottlenecking due to the Vets downloading the new patch and the noobs downloading the whole game. Some of us vets were realizing we were getting a better download through the Firesky site than the game client, witch freed up things a little. I found out my lag issues were my fault and that I had a bad cable after finally going over my wiring late afternoon Saturday. Word to everyone who has lag, check your wires, check your cable routing, and please use a hardline to your router when gaming, no wireless. This can seem trivial but believe a lot of complaints are own setups. Seems by late Saturday to early Sunday things got worked out and the servers were caught up. All in all I think as usual once people got to play SGR they enjoyed it and was having fun cause the downloading complaints died off and the suggestion to the game play and future options started again. Firesky please avoid the free weekend along with the new patch to be installed. I think things would of been ok if we only had to help with the Noobs registering and such. Share your comments on your free weekend experiences! The SGGamingInfo staff would like to hear what you think!

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Jeremy “Maddog” Maddock
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Author: maddog316

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