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First Contest Winners

On April 7, 2010 by maddog316

Well Your resident Noob did some detective work and Got the name of the winners of the First SGR Contest of the Replicas ect. Were still waiting on the Names of the Gaming Computer and Gear.

Originally Posted by Gabriel_FS
“We had 3 contest winners for the “win some swag” contest that replied to us and were sent their prizes.

Ivica from Las Vegas

Andrew from Toronto

Jeff from Waukesha

Quantum Mechanix will be sending the swag to the mail addresses that they provided us with.

The other “win a computer” contest is being sponsored by Gamerigs/Nuetralvibe so they will be the ones that choose and contact winners.

Hope this covers the info you were looking for. As always I’m here anytime you want to talk.” End Quote


I know I had been querulous on the winners. Congratz to the Wieners, I mean Winners and I guess the rest of us are all Losers! Lol We all have SGR so in some way we all win. Stay tune for Info on the Gaming Computer and gear!

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Jeremy “Maddog” Maddock

Author: maddog316

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