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First community run tournament coming Summer 2010

On April 5, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Stargate Gaming Info and Command Center have joined forces to create the first Stargate Resistance Tournament named ”
Stargate Gaming Championships 2010!”  or other wise known as “SGC 2010” (yes we are original with are naming). Part of the deal will see the newly created SGGN (stargate Gaming News) cover the event from start to finish.

Also Command Center (CC) released the news on their website and here it is on this website.

Coming soon:

Stargate Gaming Championships 2010!

The Command Center (http://commandcenter.cc) and Stargate Gaming Info (http://sggaminginfo.com) are working in a joint effort to rally together members of the Stargate gaming community and Stargate gaming groups to participate in the first official Stargate Gaming Championships!

This tournament is available to both individuals and gaming groups!

The projected date of the tournament will be Summer 2010.

Additional sources, sites, & gaming groups sponsoring the tournament:
Gate News (http://gatenews.gamona.de/)
Perennial Adventus (http://perennialadventus.ning.com/)

Individuals and gaming groups are welcome to apply!

The application for participating in the tournament will be available at the Command Center within the next week.

Stargate Gaming Info’s SGGN will be covering the event exclusively!

Author: Aaron Meehan

Hi, I’m the creator of SG Gaming Info. When I’m not working on my writing or creating content for this site’s YouTube channel, I like to relax and enjoy character driven story games.

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