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4 new stargate worlds images uncovered

On April 27, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Today 4 “Stargate Worlds” images have being uncovered.  All 4 images are of concept art 2 of which are of planets and 2 of which are of Jaffa male and Female armour types. keep reading to find out what the 4 image are and what they look like.

Image 1. The first concept art piece is that of “Akhet” and shows of the infamous SGW flash logo of a sun with 2 planets and a triangle partly through the sun. It looks like in this concept art that it is a modified pyramid class Goa’uld ship which was used by Ra in the Stargate movie (an unmodified version). The planet below features a city in a canyon with red water pouring from the city and into the city of the top of a statue and into a lake. The city has 3 main statues one of a Goa’uld god and 2 Horus guard statues. With the inclusion of these statues we are lead to presume it is a city which is owned by the family of Ra and with only one known member of his family still alive “Anat” it is logical to assume she controls the city, but this while logical is probably untrue as she is the controller of the Praxis and as the leader it would make sense that she would be in Harset the Praxis capital city. This leaves me with one conclusion RA HAS RETURNED.

Image 2 & 3. The second and third concept art pieces is that of the “Morrigan Jaffa armour” both male and female versions. Both armour sets seem to look very much the same (with the exception of female versions being a small bit smaller scale wise and there is more covered up top (for obvious reasons). Now the Goa’uld Morrigan of which this Jaffa armour is based of is a member of the System Lords or was (currently unknown) and was seen in the TV series stargate SG1 in the episodes “Summit” and “Last Stand”.

Image 4. the fourth and final concept art piece is that of Sokar’s moon “Ne’tu”. Ne’tu was once a penal colony made to look like hell and Sokar put all his  captured enemies including one Jacob Carter. It is unknown how Ne’tu will work in Stargate Worlds as it was blown up in a joint attack by the Tau’ri and the Tok’ra.

Without any more delay here are the 4 images enjoy.

source: http://howardlyon.com/

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