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SGGamingInfo mentioned on the examiner’s website and gateworld.net

On March 17, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Leading newspaper company “Examiner” recently mentioned SGGamingInfo on their website, in a recent interview with Tim Jenson (Interview will appear in another post) in two of the questions asked SGGamingInfo’s past talk with Mr. Jenson was mentioned. “Gateworld” also mentioned SGGamingInfo when it also covered the events of the interview.

Quotes from where SGGamingInfo was mentioned on the “Examiner”

SG Gaming Info quoted you as saying that Mr. Whiting is continuing to present himself as a representative of CME. Is this true, and has he given any reason for doing so?

Mr. Whiting still believes he is in control of CME and he continues to take actions on behalf of the CME without the knowledge of any of the other employees or officers.  Until the courts make a clear ruling on who is in charge or until they appoint a receiver, the governance of the company is in dispute.

SG Gaming Info also mentioned today that you feel that you will not be “needed very much longer” at CME after fans noticed a change on your LinkedIn status. Where does this place your future status at CME and Firesky?

If the courts assign a receiver, then that person will be responsible for CME’s executive management and I may no longer be needed.  I am willing to stay on and assist Firesky, SGW and CME for as long as I am needed, but do not want to become a burden or redundant to the company.

Quote from where SGGamingInfo was mentioned on “Gateworld”

Fan site SG Gaming Info previously reported, with a statement from Jenson, that the court had rejected Whiting’s bankruptcy filing on behalf of CME.  Based on court documents and Jenson’s statements to Examiner.com, however, that decision has not yet been reached.

Thanks to the Examiner and Gateworld for mentioning  us.

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