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Dispute over who is in charge of CME continues in court

On March 17, 2010 by Aaron Meehan

Since 2006 when CME was first set up Gary Whiting was recognized as CEO and owner of CME and Firesky, but this could all change if the investors of CME and Firesky have there way. Tim Jenson recently sat down with examiner.com to discuss this very topic.In the interview backed up the claim that it was Mr. Whiting who filed for Chapter 11 (aka bankruptcy) to protect himself from other court proceeding he is defending himself in.

Mr.Jenson also stated that no one in CME knew that Mr. Whiting had plans to file for bankruptcy and is not happy about this and it lead to shareholders filing a complaint against him and this lead to his apparent removal from CME as CEO, which Mr. Whiting disputes still in court.

But the big talking point was the appointment of a receiver or a trustee to look over CME and Firesky who will also help sort out who controls CME. It is also hoped that when the receiver or trustee is appointed the bankruptcy could be dropped, but this is not 100% guaranteed.

Also since bankruptcy was filed Tim said that “Unfortunately, with the filing of the bankruptcy, CME was not able to raise any funding and the sales of the game were negatively impacted.” and thus some staff had to be let go to balance money one would assume.

The last 2 questions asked in the interview are 2 big questions. What will will happen to CME when the receiver is appointed and will CME be able to recover enough to finish and release “Stargate Worlds”.

Also Tim stated that they hope to partner with other companies in a joint venture to keep Stargate Resistance alive and updated.

You can read the Examiner’s interview at: http://www.examiner.com/x-8040-MMORPG-Examiner~y2010m3d16-Interview-with-Tim-Jenson-of-Cheyenne-Mountain-Entertainment

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