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2014 StarCraft 2 World champion arrested

South Korea's E-sports association, KeSPA has announced that the winner of the 2014 Starcraft 2 WCS, Lee "Life" Seung Hyn (19), has been arrested for match fixing.

01st Feb

Blizzcon 2015 news roundup

The Blizzcon 2015 opening ceremony has ended and Blizzard had several announcement. Below is a roundup of all the announcement for the Warcraft movie trailer to Hearthstone.

07th Nov

Legacy of the Void release date and cinematic released

During the StarCraft 2 WCS Season 3 finals, Blizzard revealed that StarCraft 2's final expansion, Legacy of the Void, launches on November 10th. To go along with the release date, Blizzard also released the game's opening cinematic.

14th Sep
Starcraft 2 LEgacy of the void

Starcraft 2 WCS season 2 finals now under way

The 2nd season of Blizzard’s premier Starcraft 2 E-Sports event, Starcraft 2 WCS, is currently underway at Gamescom. Watch the event live below.

24th Aug
starcraft 2_WCS_logo

Starcraft 2 season 4 begins

starcraft2Grab your Terran, Zerg or Protoss because season 4 of the Starcraft 2 multiplayer ladder has now begun and there are some map changes to go with it.

26th Oct
Starcraft 2 season 4 begins

New Starcraft 2 multiplayer units and Heart of the Swarm trailer

starcraft2heartoftheswarmlogoWell the last big news from Blizzcon is news on the upcoming Starcraft 2 expansion known as Heart of the Swarm which is focused on the Zerg. With the new expansion come new units.

23rd Oct
New Starcraft 2 multiplayer units and Heart of the Swarm trailer