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EVE Online now has a free to play option

On November 15, 2016 by Ash Meehan


You’ve read the stories of large battles and dirty dealings, now experience the CCP Games’ sci-fi MMO universe of EVE Online, as EVE Online: Ascension opens up a free to play option.

While EVE Online: Ascension makes the sci-fi MMO free, there are several limitations. Those who choose to play for free are considered alpha clones. Alpha clones are limited to 21 ships per character (Tech 1 ships), standard training speed, and a 24-hour skill queue, apart from these limitations you can do as you wish within the game. Omega clones, which are those who pay a monthly subscription have full access to ship and skills, they also receive double training speed and an infinite skill queue.

Of course, those in alpha clones can theoretically upgrade to an omega clone for free by purchasing PLEX with in-game money, PLEX allows you to pay for your subscription without having to spend real money.

In today’s press release, Executive Producer Andie Nordgren had the following to say, “EVE Online is a very special game. Our single shard server means that every player truly affects every other, whether through economics, resource gathering, direct combat or social interaction,” “This in turn means that our universe is more interesting, more exciting and more dangerous with each additional citizen.”

For more information on EVE Online, and the new free to play model, visit https://www.eveonline.com/.

Author: Ash Meehan

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