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Mugen Souls review

On October 4, 2012 by Ash Meehan

Mugen Souls is the latest role playing game from publisher NIS America. Mugen Souls focuses on the self-proclaimed undisputed God, Chou-Chou and her attempt to conquer the seven worlds.

The story sees Chou-Chou, Altis and Ryto deciding the best way to conquer the seven worlds is to make the hero and demon lord of each of the worlds into Chou-Chou’s peon by using her powers to literally transform her emotion to make them follow and fall in love her.

The beginning where you just go around converting the hero and demon lord is pretty dull and only made interesting with the occasional sexual reference or when you transform you emotion to suit the person. The chapter which involves you capturing a particular world goes on for too long. By the eight chapter or 20 hours into the game the story takes a turn for the better with a lot of the forced humour being turned down for a more serious and emotional tone when they explore Chou-Chou’s forgotten past.


The games combat is your traditional turn based game with a few extra features. One of the features is called “Moe Kill” which involves Chou-Chou transforming into one of her eight emotion forms and making the enemies fall in love with her, winning the match and making new peons. There are also over the top attacks which include an attack by Chou-Chou called “peon ball” which transforms all your collected peons into an energy ball and throwing it at the enemies, another over the top attack by one of the captured demon lords sees you fire a massive energy blast which sends the enemy through 4 planets and blows up a sun.

Apart from the tradition turn based combat there are airship battles which add some variety to the combat. The combat is pretty basic with each ship picking an offensive, defensive or support move and letting the turn play out. Airship battles do have one issue and that is you have to have a lot of peons which means you have to win a lot of battles via “Moe Kill”.


If you begin to get under levelled the game has an area called the “Mugen Field”. In this area you can level up your characters by fighting waves of enemies which range from normal monsters, bosses and airship battles. The “Mugen Field” area also has a mini-story revolving around Chou-Chou’s eight alternative personalities which surface at random. In the “Mugen Field” you can buy various upgrades for your characters which include increasing your level cap, max damage, power of skills etc. you can upgrade your armour and weapons stats outside of the “Mugen Field” by visiting the store on your airship.

The game offers a lot of customization with you having the ability to create and customize the characters facial expressions, what it wears and its class. You can also change the outfits your character wears.

The games soundtrack is pretty good to listen too. The opening song feels like you are watching the beginning of a Saturday morning show. The music also does a good job at impressing you into the game with music setting the right tone for big battles or cutscenes.

Voice acting in the game is really good with each characters personality coming through strongly.


If you enjoy the humour of Compile Heart games with a combat system featuring some interesting extras then Mugen Souls is the game for you. The beginning of the story is rather boring but if you are willing to get past the first few chapters it does become remarkably better. Also on a side note while the game has some content removed from the North American and European release, the removed content does not effect the games story.

Score: 80%

Mugen Souls information:

Mugen Souls can be bought online via the NIS America store or for those in the UK you can buy it via Zavvi.com.

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