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Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft kicks off the 2014 Xbox 360 Gold program

Sleeping Dogs and Laura Craft and the Guardian of Light will be 2014’s first two free titles Xbox 360 Games with Gold Program.

03rd Jan
games with gold

Sleeping Dogs, free next month for European PS Plus users

SCEE has today announced that PlayStation Plus users in Europe will be getting the open world cop drama, Sleeping Dogs for free from February 6th.

28th Jan

Sleeping Dogs first story DLC now out

Sleeping Dogs first story extending DLC, Nightmare in North Point is now out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC users for 560 MS points/€5.49.

31st Oct
Sleeping Dogs_Nightmare in North Point

Two new Sleeping Dogs DLC packs now out

The SWAT and Screen Legends Packs for Sleeping Dogs are now available for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 users. SWAT offers an array of new police based missions while Screen Legends offers new outfit.

25th Oct

Square Enix announce October DLC for Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix has announced a collection of DLC to be available for Sleeping Dogs this October. The DLC will range from free community gift packs to story driven content.

24th Sep

Square Enix release Sleeping Dogs demo

sleepingdogs_5-7Last week, Sleeping Dogs was released and received worldwide praise from various outlets. Now, Square Enix has released a demo for those who wish to try out the game before they buy it.

23rd Aug
Square Enix release Sleeping Dogs demo

Time for some hard boiled bullets

sleepingdogs_5-7Square Enix has released a new Sleeping Dogs trailer which highlights the games explosive gunplay from an aggressive cover system to slow motion action and a lot more.

27th Jul
Time for some hard boiled bullets

Just Cause 2 meets Sleeping Dogs

9125SD_J2_Costume_Screen3Square Enix has today announced that those who have a Just Cause 2 game save on their hard drive are in for a nice piece of free content for United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs.

25th Jul
Just Cause 2 meets Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs teams up with Georges St. Pierre

sleepingdogs_5-7Square Enix has teamed up with mixed martial artist Georges St. Pierre to bring his skill and fighting knowledge to Sleeping Dogs.

05th Jul
Sleeping Dogs teams up with Georges St. Pierre