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Xbox One exclusive Scalebound cancelled

Microsoft Studios has revealed that they have cancelled Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive action RPG developed by Platinum Games.

10th Jan

Turn 10 address Forza 5 micro transaction complaints

After numerous complaints from fans regarding micro transactions in Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10 Studios has announced five programs, which involves a limited time discounts and free cars.

29th Nov
forza 5_2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR

Ring in the New Year with a Forza Horizon car pack

Turn 10 Studios has today released the latest the latest Forza Horizon car pack, Recaro Car Pack. The pack comes with 6 new cars which include one of the fastest vehicles yet.

02nd Jan

Halo 4’s first map pack playable on December 10

343 Industries have announced that the first Halo 4 map pack the ‘Crimson Map Pack’ will be available for download from December 10.

30th Nov

Halo 4 review

Master Chief, returns as SG Gaming Info takes a look at 343 Industries Halo 4 and sees if they can match or better Bungie’s past Halo games.

04th Nov

Forza Horizon review

SG Gaming Info takes a look at the Xbox 360 exclusive open world racing game Forza Horizon.

30th Oct

Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer released

Not content with one launch trailer, 343 Industries and Microsoft have released a Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer. This trailer focuses on the gameplay and talks about the games new enemies, the Prometheans.

25th Oct

Halo 4 War Games Map pass announced

Microsoft and 343 Industries has announced the Halo 4 War Games Map Pass which offers a 15% discount for three War Games map packs.

25th Oct

Halo 4’s launch trailer gets the Hollywood treatment

Microsoft and 343 Industries has released the Halo 4 launch trailer produced by Hollywood director David Fincher of Fight Club, and The Social Network fame and directed by Tim Miller of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fame.

22nd Oct

The action picks up with the latest episode of Forward unto Dawn

The third episode in the live action Halo webseries Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn is now out via Machinima Prime.

19th Oct

Take an up close look at Halo 4’s Prometheans

343 Industries has launched a new behind the scenes “Making of Halo 4” video. The new video looks at the creative process behind the creation the Prometheans, one of the new enemy classes that Master Chief must defeat.

13th Sep
halo 4_enemy

Forza 4 September car pack now out

2013_Viper__91_SRT_Motorsport_GTS-R_WMForza Motorsport 4’s twelfth car pack DLC is now out called the “September Pennzoil Car Pack” and it contains 11 new cars and it will cost Xbox 360 owners 560 Microsoft Points.

06th Sep
Forza 4 September car pack now out

Take a look at the UNSC’s arsenal

halo4_campaign343 Industries has revealed the new, returning and revised weapons of the UNSC for Halo 4. Weapons range from the ever reliable assault rifle to the all new railgun. Watch and listen to the weapons below.

09th Aug
Take a look at the UNSC’s arsenal

E3 gives us a look at the chief in Halo 4

Halo4_showcase_2Probably one of the most anticipated parts of Microsoft’s conference today was the first look at Halo 4 gameplay and well the Chief didn't fail to deliver.

04th Jun
E3 gives us a look at the chief in Halo 4

Halo 4 Limited Edition and multiplayer detailed

halo_4_keyart_rgb_vert_finalMicrosoft Studios has revealed and detailed the Limited Edition version of Halo 4 and have also released detailed introduction to the Halo 4 multiplayer called Halo Infinity multiplayer.

17th May
Halo 4 Limited Edition and multiplayer detailed