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The Stargate curse continues as Arkalis Interactive disappears

It looks like the Stargate franchise has taken down another development studio, the studio this time are the Andorra based studio, Arkalis Interactive developers of the Stargate mobile episodic series, Stargate SG1: Unleashed.

14th Jan
stargate sg1 unleashed episode 2

Exclusive: Amanda Tapping talks Stargate SG1 Unleashed

Some good news for fans of the Stargate franchise as Arkalis Interactive has provide SG Gaming Info with an exclusive interview with Amanda Tapping and the release window for Stargate SG1: Unleashed episode 2.

18th Oct
stargate sg1 unleashed episode 2

Android version of SG1 Unleashed coming this June

Arkalis Interactive has told SG Gaming Info that the Android version of Stargate SG1 Unleashed episode 1 will be released on June 1st. Arkalis also explains why the Android version was delayed.

29th May
stargate sg1 unleashed

Arkalis Interactive narrows down the SG1 Unleashed timeline

Arkalis Interactive has answered SG Gaming Info’s question about when Stargate SG1 Unleashed takes place and they also confirmed the game will be on PC and possibly Xbox Live.

11th Mar
Stargate SG1 Unleashed

Stargate SG1 Unleashed could get a PC release

According to various posts by the Arkalis Interactive community manager, Stargate SG1: Unleashed could be released on Steam in a few months.

08th Mar
Stargate SG1 Unleashed

The problems with Stargate SG1 Unleashed

With the release of the first gameplay trailer for Arkalis Interactive’s, interactive adventure game, Stargate SG1 Unleashed, I have decided to see if the game throws up any issues with the established Stargate lore.

02nd Mar
Stargate SG1 Unleashed

Stargate SG1 Unleashed available March 2013

Arkalis Interactive, the company behind the mobile games, Stargate Command has officially announced their next Stargate game, Stargate SG1 Unleashed. The new game will be released in March 2013 for iOS and Android.

07th Feb

New Stargate game in production

Various original cast members of the hit TV show Stargate SG1 have revealed that they have done voice acting work for an upcoming Stargate game. The game is called Stargate Unleashed and it is been developed by Arkalis Interactive.

28th Nov