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Activision Blizzard announces film and TV studio

Activision Blizzard has today announced the launch of Activision Blizzard Studios, a film and TV studio dedicated to creating content based on properties owned by Activision Blizzard.

06th Nov

World of Warcraft subs drops a further 800,000

During the Activision-Blizzard Q2 2014 earnings call, Blizzard revealed that their monolithic MMO, World of Warcraft has lost more subscribers with the sub numbers dropping from 7.6 million to 6.8 million, this is the lowest figure since 2006.

05th Aug
wow-Warlords of Draenor

Activision Blizzard leaves Vivendi to become an independent company

Activision Blizzard has bought back 429 million shares from Vivendi to become an independent company. The buyback deal from the former majority stake holder cost $5.83 Billion.

26th Jul

World of Warcraft subscription numbers drops to 8.3 million

According to Activision-Blizzard, their mmo colossus, World of Warcraft, has lost 1.3 million subscribers in the last three months. World of Warcraft now has 8.3 million subscribers.

09th May
world of warcraft