Let’s Talk: ArcadeCon 2015

It is time to sit down and talk about ArcadeCon 2015, the potential final convention from the Irish geek centric website, The Arcade.

08th Jul
arcadecon 2015

Opinion: Video Games Live rocks Dublin

After six years of waiting Video Games Live returned to Dublin, and SG Gaming Info was there to report on a truly stunning concert.

08th Apr
video games live

Opinion: FFXIV crafting from hard work to grind

With Final Fantasy XIV's update 2.5 just around the corner it is time to discuss how update 2.4 changed high level crafting, small hint it wasn't changed for the better.

15th Jan
ffxiv_option piece_crafting1

SG Gaming Info’s 2014 Game of the Year

After a fun video game filled year it is now time award one game the title "SG Gaming Info's 2014 Game of the Year". It is always tough to pick a winner, but I think the game I chose deserves the award.

08th Dec
2014 game of the year

3 reasons why I’m excited for Tales of Xillia 2

With Bandai Namco Games' Tales of Xillia 2 just over a month away from release here are three reasons why I'm excited to play the sequel to my 2013 Game of the Year.

11th Jul
Tales of Xillia 2_23-9

SG Gaming Info’s top 5 most anticipated games of 2014

With the start of a new year just starting it is time list the top five games that I am most looking forward to playing in 2014.

06th Jan

Can Japanese games continue to go strong in 2014?

2013 was a good year for the Japanese developed titles that were released in North America and Europe, but after such a good year can 2014 match or better 2013?

04th Jan
Can Japanese games continue to go strong in 2014

SG Gaming Info’s Top 5 games of 2013

You learned SG Gaming Info’s game of the year earlier this month, but what is the site's other top games of 2013. The five games that are on the list are games that I personally enjoyed.

25th Dec
top 5 games of 2013

SG Gaming Info’s 2013 Game of the Year

It has being a great year for gamers with so many wonderful games, but what game will take home the crown of SG Gaming Info’s 2013 Game of the Year?

11th Dec
SG Gaming Info_2013_game of the year

Call of Duty: Ghosts “All Access” event creates a feeling of déjà vu

Activision and Infinity Ward have held a pre-E3 Call of Duty: Ghosts All Access event today, the event gave us a look at the gameplay and the Call of Duty dog, now named Riley.

09th Jun

Xbox One reveal raises more questions than answers

Yesterday, Microsoft announced their new console, Xbox One, but since the console was announced more questions than answers have begun to surface. Reports about used-game fees and online requirements have all begun to appear online.

22nd May
Xbox One

The problems with Stargate SG1 Unleashed

With the release of the first gameplay trailer for Arkalis Interactive’s, interactive adventure game, Stargate SG1 Unleashed, I have decided to see if the game throws up any issues with the established Stargate lore.

02nd Mar
Stargate SG1 Unleashed

My top 3 games from PS Vita launch event

On Wednesday I attended the PlayStation Vita launch event in Dublin and I got to try out some of the handheld launch titles. Below are the 3 favourite games I played and why.

18th Feb

Blizzard layoff rumours and WoW subs drop

Blizzard seems to be having an unlucky day with rumours of mass layoffs and their mmo World of Warcraft continuing to lose subscribers.

08th Nov

Duke Nukem Forever. Negative Press, My opinion!

The Negative press about the Duke is bullcrap. I love the game.

16th Jun