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Closers preview

On October 23, 2017 by Aaron Meehan

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Over the weekend I had a chance to try out the alpha for En Mass Entertainment’s upcoming online side-scrolling beat ‘em up, Closers, and my general opinion is that while the game was a bit rough in places it was pretty enjoyable.

Closers, which is developed by South Korean based Naddic Games, allows players to play as any one of five characters who are tasked with protecting new Seoul from interdimensional monsters, the five characters in question all offer varying fighting styles with the likes of Seha using a gun blade so he can end a flurry of hits with a bang and Sylvi who uses her psychokinetic powers to deal out damage from afar.

While the five characters have different styles they are relatively easy to play as I found what I learned from playing one character can be transferred over to another, although, this could be down to the fact that monsters were incredibly easy to defeat. Honestly, fighting monsters was a breeze as I found myself just mashing the basic attack button and using abilities as they went off cooldown, when it came to boss monster, which you fight at the end of every stage, it was a little trickier as I had to use the combat dodge to avoid their well-telegraphed attacks. However, while combat was easy I found myself strangely sucked into Closers. If I was to put a reason behind it I would say it was due to the flashy nature of the combat and how each stage was well paced. Before moving away from combat I think it is important to bring up the fact that character movement speed was also incredibly slow.

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Moving on, Closers equipment system placed a strong emphasis on your weapon as you could attach a weapon core, and multiple modules and trinkets to increase your offensive and defensive capabilities. It was a simple and easy to understand system, but I did notice it wasn’t possible to compare multiple attached items with an item in your inventory, for example, I couldn’t compare a module in my inventory with all three of the attached modules, I could only compare it with the item in the first module slot.

While the equipment system focused on modifying your weapon, your costumes also provide stat boosts, although I mostly looked at the costumes from an aesthetic perspective as I found myself gushing over the costume drops I would sometimes pick up from monsters, some of which included various animal ears and tails. As a person who spent a lot of time in Final Fantasy XIV making and looking for the right glamour outfit, the costume drops in Closers filled me with joy.

In regards to the online component of Closers, I didn’t find much outside of the game’s hub town. In the hub you could talk to other players, use emotes, use the crafting and various boosting tables (which were a bit confusing), select a mission, and finally set up a squad. In regards to squads, I did attempt to find/setup a squad for a mission, but I could never find anyone. Honestly, with the running from quest giver to the mission map I would at times forget that the other characters around me were other players.

Lastly, in regards to the story, I found a lot of it came from the Closers website as it offered information on how humanity has been fighting the monsters for a while, how the energy from the gates the monsters use granted humans with psychic powers. With the five characters, you play as each character received a backstory trailer, which explains what type of person they are and the reason why they are in the group called Black Lambs.

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This is a relatively quick preview as I only got to play the game over the weekend, but despite having some negatives I enjoyed my time with Closers, and I highly recommend people trying it out when it launches later this year.

For more information on Closers, visit https://closers.enmasse.com/.

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