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Crossout (PS4) preview

On May 19, 2017 by Ash Meehan

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Targem Games’ Crossout is a fun free to play action MMO where players do battle in user created cars in a post-apocalyptic setting. At first glance, Crossout could be seen as an interesting if not ordinary game, but once you get into Crossout you will see there is more to the game than meets the eye.

Crossout’s stand out feature is that all the vehicles are player made as players can build any type of vehicle from parts they collect or manufacture. This means you can see small fast nimble cars speed through maps or slow heavily armoured cars destroy anyone who dares to take it on. Vehicle creation is a fascinating experience as you take car doors, rusted cabins and pieces of walls and turn them into a car built for destruction. Some creations are truly fascinating and have to be seen to be believed. Also, if you are bad at designing and making your own car you can look up player made designs and if you have the parts you can copy their design.

In terms of gameplay, players can queue up for 8v8 PVP matches or up to 4 player PVE raids (simple kill and collection missions). There are also five maps, which are various destroyed or decaying locations such as a desert canyon reminiscent of Mad Max and an old shipyard. In PVP matches the goal is to capture the enemy base (assault mode) or capture a single point (encounter mode). However, while the matches are objective focused most matches lead to teams fighting into the middle of the map with an occasional game ending due to the capturing of a base. While the fighting might sound interesting, there is no way to coordinate or talk to allies on the PS4 version of Crossout, there is no chat function or even quick commands to tell people to defend, attack or help you. This lack of communication leads to many games becoming a chaotic mess.

Now while I feel the PVP is a bit of let down, the combat system does make up for it, as you can shoot parts of enemy vehicles. There is something slightly cathartic about destroying all of an enemy’s weapons and slowly shooting off their tyres as they helplessly try to escape. This system of shooting of parts also helps influence how you set up your vehicle, for example, tank threads are more difficult to destroy than tyres. This leads into how the parts you use affect your vehicle. Putting a car together with parts to make them fast and nimble or slow and heavily armoured is one thing, but what you put on your car can alter more than just its speed. For example, if your vehicle uses tank threads it will have good acceleration, but poor speed and turn rate, the control of vehicle will also be a bit poor. However, if you have tyres you have good speed and turn rate. You can attempt to get the best of both worlds by using tanks threads and tyres on the same vehicle.

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Speaking of parts, how do you go around collecting them? Well, you gain parts by levelling up, winning them in matches, craft them yourself or buy them in the player market. Collecting parts is a straightforward process, you collect the materials you need and then create the part you need. The items you can craft are determined by what faction you decide to join. When you being the game you are with the engineers, but once you hit level 10 you can join one of three other factions: Lunatics, Nomads or Scavengers, and at level 25 you can join Steppenwolf. Each faction allows you to craft specific parts, and if you wish to join another faction for a part they possess you can change faction one every 24 hours.

Now if crafting isn’t your thing or you don’t want to wait for an item to finish building, you can go to the player run market where other players sell their parts for credits, credits are gained with real-world money or completing certain challenges.

In terms of issues with the game, there are lag spikes and the textures are slow to load in, sometimes taking several seconds to fully load in.


Crossout is an enjoyable action MMO that rewards and encourages creativity within its player base. However, the PS4’s lack of communication options makes coordination in match nearly impossible.

*A preview code containing a Founder pack was provided by the game’s publisher.*

For more information on Crossout, visit crossout.net/en.

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