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Dreadnought coming to PS4, closed beta in 2017

On December 5, 2016 by Aaron Meehan


During the PlayStation Experience 2016, it was announced that the class-based spaceship action game, Dreadnought is coming to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive.

Dreadnought for the PlayStation 4 will be developed by YAGER and Iron Galaxy Studios under the direction of Six Foot and Grey Box. At present, the PlayStation 4 version of Dreadnought will enter closed beta in 2017, those willing to sign up now can do so by visiting, www.dreadnought.com/ps4. The PC version of Dreadnought is currently still in closed beta and will eventually launch as a free-to-play game on both Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Description of Dreadnought
Dreadnought puts players in command of massive, powerful spaceships at the centre of tactical team battles across a variety of competitive online multiplayer game modes. There are more than 50 playable vessels, each of which can be customized with a range of weapons, modules and cosmetic upgrades. There are five ship classes, specializing in vital roles like frontline assault, long-range bombardment, strategic support and more.

While I was at Gamescom earlier this year, I had the pleasure to try out Dreadnought both the business and private areas of the convention. My overall thoughts on the experience was positive, as I loved the heavy focus on strategy and teamwork, and honestly, if my PC could handle it I would probably be sitting here playing Dreadnought instead of working. For a more in-depth look at my thoughts on Dreadnought, check out my Dreadnought hands-on preview.

For more information on Dreadnought, visit http://www.dreadnought.com/.

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