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Star Trek VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew announced

On June 14, 2016 by Aaron Meehan

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During their E3 2016 press conference, Ubisoft announced Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a VR game where up to four players control a new Federations starship, the U.S.S. Aegis.

First of all the game is set in J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie universe, so the ship has the sleek design from the new movies. In addition, even though four co-op was shown to be the centrepiece of game, Ubisoft has confirmed that you can play solo as a captain.

The setup behind Star Trek: Bridge Crew is that you and three friends command the U.S.S. Aegis; the four players are each given a role of either captain, helm, tactical or engineer. Each role is vital to success of your in-game mission because if one person underperforms and just gets the shield up or fire the photon torpedoes a little too late it can be game over.

As I said there is an in-game mission, what is the mission in Star Trek: Bridge Crew? According to Ubisoft’s press release, your mission is as follows:

Your mission: explore a largely uncharted sector of space known as The Trench, in hopes of locating a suitable new home world for the decimated Vulcan populace. The Trench contains stunning beauty and undiscovered wonders, but also strange anomalies and dangers yet unknown. The Klingon Empire is also active in the region, and their purpose is undoubtedly a threat to the Federation’s plans. It’s up to you and your crew to chart the sector to determine the Klingons’ aims, and to secure a peaceful Federation presence.


DESIGNED FROM THE GROUND UP FOR VR – Star Trek: Bridge Crew was developed specifically for virtual reality and capitalizes on the powerful sense of social presence possible only through VR. Our hand tracking with full body avatars and real time lip sync allow players to genuinely experience what it’s like to serve as an officer on the bridge of a Federation starship.

OPERATE AS A CREW – Make strategic decisions and coordinate actions with your crew to complete the mission. In co-op, players can form a crew of four to serve in the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical and Engineer. Each is crucial to the success of the varied missions you face and the safety of your crew and ship.

A UNIQUE SHIP FOR A UNIQUE MISSION – Take command of the U.S.S. Aegis, the first ship of her kind. Whether plotting courses and analyzing scan data or hacking enemy shields and targeting vulnerable ship subsystems, you’ll have Starfleet’s cutting edge technology at your fingertips. The Aegis’ unique design makes her ideal for the dangerous mission in The Trench, but you’ll have to master her systems, both familiar and experimental, to save the day.

A SHARED GALACTIC ADVENTURE – Star Trek: Bridge Crew offers a compelling and engaging co-op experience, with an unmatched sense of reality. You’ll need more than just individual skill to overcome the challenges you’ll face with one another; communication, trust, and close crew coordination are the keys to victory.

MISSION GENERATOR – In addition to a dynamic storyline, Star Trek: Bridge Crew features an “Ongoing Missions” mode, procedurally generating missions for countless hours of Solo and Co-op adventure.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will release on all major VR Platforms. Coming to PlayStation VR release this October, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive release this fall. For more information on Star Trek: Bridge Crew, visit www.startrekbridgecrew.com.

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