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Roundup: EA E3 2016 press conference

On June 12, 2016 by Aaron Meehan

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EA is the first company out of the starting blocks for the E3 press conferences, and the studio released new information regarding some upcoming titles, touched on future Star Wars games, EA’s dedication to Esports, a new partner programs, and a new charity program.

At the start of the show, we got information regarding Titanfall 2. Vince Zampella confirmed the game will be released on PlayStation 4 alongside the PC and Xbox One. Following this confirmation, we were treated to a glimpse of the game’s multiplayer mode, according to Zampella the multiplayer mode will feature six new titans, deeper pilot abilities, and a deep progression system, and from was shown on screen the game will retain the fast-paced infantry and mech action seen in the first Titanfall game.

With multiplayer out of the way, we got a confirmation of a single player campaign for Titanfall 2, unfortunately for EA this news was leaked prior to the conference. According to an EA press release regarding Titanfall 2, the story will see you explore the unique bond between man and machine as you step out onto the Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming an elite Pilot. Stranded behind enemy lines and facing overwhelming odds, players must team up with a veteran Titan to uphold a mission they were never meant to carry out.

Titanfall 2 also got a confirmed release date of October 28th.

Fe, the first game to be published under EA Originals.

Fe, the first game to be published under EA Originals.

Following news on Titanfall 2, we got information on Madden 17 and EA’s dedication to Esports. We didn’t get a lot of news regarding Madden 17 other than there will be a franchise mode and new commentary team. However, when it comes to Esports, EA announced a three-tier tournament system for various EA games including Battlefield 1, Madden 17 and FIFA 17. The three tiers are challenger (small friend hosted tournament), premier (EA hosted), and EA major (global EA operated events). EA also announced the Madden 17 Championship; the championship will see players fight for a share of a $1 million prize pool spread across 4 EA major tournaments.

Moving on from Madden, we got a glimpse of Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware didn’t reveal a lot of information regarding the game, but we did learn that game will be about finding a new world for humanity, a whole new cast of characters, and that the game will offer the most amount of freedom in any Bioware Game to date. Bioware also stated that more information will be provided this fall (most likely Gamescom).

Moving on from Mass Effect Andromeda, EA announced “EA Play to Give”, a new charity program that is based around players completing challenges in EA games. EA announced the program will support five charities, with EA donating $1 million to them. Information on charity program was difficult to understand as Andrew Wilson was talking rather fast.

Following the charity announcement, we got news on FIFA 17 in the form of a brand new mode called, “FIFA 17 The journey”. This new mode will have you live the life of a new up and coming footballer as you go through trials and tribulations both on and off the pitch. Apart from The journey announcement, we learned that FIFA 17 will feature premier league managers for the first time, and that the four major gameplay improvements to this latest FIFA game are Set piece rewrite, physical play, active intelligence system, and new attacking techniques.

FIFA 17 was followed by another announcement, EA Originals. EA Originals is a program that seeks to find and help develop games from small independent developers. EA will only pick a handful of indie games a year, but those chosen will get EA’s full support and most importantly, all profits goes back to the game’s developers. The first game in this program is Fe, a 3D adventure game from Zoink games.

EA also teased Star Wars fans by revealing that there are currently three Star Wars games in development. These games are Star Wars Battlefront 2 from Dice and Motive Studios, an original narrative story being developed by Visceral, and an action adventure game from Respawn Entertainment.

Concept art for Visceral's unannounced Star Wars game.

Concept art for Visceral’s unannounced Star Wars game.

Finally, at the end, we got Battlefield 1 news. The news was multiplayer focused with BF1 multiplayer supporting up to 64 player matches, and intuitive destruction and dynamic weather would ensure that no battle is ever the same.

We also got information on Operations, a new multiplayer experience that will allow you to play a series of interconnected battles, and Behemoths – the largest fully player controlled vehicles ever seen in Battlefield. These giant machines include armoured train, air ship, or the battleship.

Everything above is what EA packed into their E3 2016 press conference. Personally, I didn’t think much of the hour-long conference, the EA Originals and “EA Play to Give” announcements were interesting, but there was no big wow factor.

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