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Hands on: Pac-Man 256

On June 3, 2016 by Aaron Meehan

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During MCM London Comic Con, I had a chance to try out the PlayStation 4 version of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s endless runner, Pac-Man 256.

Pac-Man 256 is an endless runner that is based on the glitched 256th level of Pac-Man, the glitch in question was in regards to an integer overflow in the game’s (Pac-Man) code, which meant that players would never be able to get past the game’s maximum integer value of 255. If a player managed to make it to the 256th level, the maze would slowly fall apart and become unplayable.

Now, Pac-Man 256 takes the concept of the 256 glitch and uses it to help create fun and power up filled endless runner. The basic premise of Pac-Man 256 is to guide Pac-Man or one of a number of supporting characters, which includes a chicken, through an endless maze in an attempt to outrun the approaching glitch. While the concept sounds basic, it is surprisingly fun as the game throws in power-ups that include cherries, bombs, a constantly firing laser, and a freeze. The reason for these power-ups is to help you get past Pac-Man’s age-old enemies, the ghosts, which all retain their original traits.

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Pac-Man 256 also features a multiplayer mode, which allows up to four players to run through a maze together. While the multiplayer mode and single player modes are similar, the multiplayer mode does have an additional power-up that allows you to revive fallen allies.


For me, Pac-Man 256 was both a relaxing and fun experience. Despite its basic premise as an endless runner, Pac-Man 256 was the most enjoyable game I tried at MCM London Comic Con.

Pac-Man 256 will be available June 21st for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Pac-Man 256 is currently available on apple and android mobile devices.

Pac-Man 256 is SG Gaming Info’s final hands-on preview from MCM London Comic Con.

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