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PlayStation VR launches October, price €399

On March 15, 2016 by Ash Meehan

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Sony has announced that the PlayStation VR will launch in October 2016, and will cost €399/$399/£349.

The announcement was made during Sony’s PlayStation VR press event at GDC. Means that the PlayStation VR is considerably cheaper than other VR devices as the HTC Vive costs €899 and the Oculus Rift costs €699.

Apart from the release date and price, Sony also revealed the device’s tech specs.

  • Display: OLED
  • Screen Size: 5.7″
  • Resolution: 1920xRGBx1080 (960xRGBx1080 per eye)
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz, 90 Hz#
  • Sensors: 360 Degree Tracking / 9 LEDs
  • Field of View: Approximately 100 degrees
  • Latency: Less than 18 ms
  • Control: Dual Shock 4 or PlayStation Move
  • Audio: 3D

PS VR_15-3 (2) PS VR_15-3 (3)

Regarding games for the machine, Sony has stated that 230 developers are working on content for the device.

For more information on the PlayStation VR, visit https://www.playstation.com/en-ie/explore/ps4/features/playstation-vr/.

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