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No Man’s Sky to be released June 24th

On March 3, 2016 by Aaron Meehan


Hello Games has announced that their hotly anticipated space sandbox, No Man’s Sky will be released for PS4 and PC on June 24th in the UK & Ireland.

No Man’s Sky is now available for pre-order via gog.com, Steam and the PlayStation Store. The game will retail for €59.99 on both platforms. Both platforms will have their own unique pre-order bonus, those who pre-order the game on either gog.com or Steam will receive the Horizon Omega ship, which according to its description is, “equipped with an upgraded hyperdrive and increased firepower to help you travel faster and survive longer on your interstellar journey.” Thos who pre-order via the PlayStation store will receive an Alpha Vector attack ship, which according to its description is, “It’s upgraded with lasers for protection and a hyperdrive that allows you to jump to the nearest solar systems right from the very beginning.” PS4 users will also receive a 10,000 unit-starting boost and a No Man’s Sky PS4 dynamic theme.

While the game will be primarily sold as a digital title, there will be a limited edition physical copy of the game for both PC and PS4. The No Man’s Sky PS4 Limited Edition includes – a Dynamic Theme, a gorgeous art book with concepts from the game, and a comic co-created by Dave Gibbons, James Swallow and Angus McKie. The limited edition PC version, which is called Explorer’s Edition includes – a hand-painted, cast metal ship replica, some exclusive goodies and a digital copy of the game on Steam or GOG.

No Man’s Sky will allow players to roam the universe, with access to some 18 quintillion procedurally generated planets of varying climate, inhabitants, and challenge.

While No Man’s Sky will be available in the UK & Ireland on June 24th, the game will be available in North America on June 21st and across mainland Europe on June 22nd.

For more information on No Man’s Sky, visit http://www.no-mans-sky.com/.

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