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Ace Combat Infinity update 10 released

On July 16, 2015 by Aaron Meehan

Ace Combat Infinity_2-9

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released update 10 for their free to play PS3 game, Ace Combat Infinity. The new update offers new aircraft, missions, emblems, and a well-known kaiju.

While this is considered update 10, it is also the game’s first anniversary. Some of the new content available in update 10 incudes:

  • 4 new standard aircraft and 15 new special aircraft
  • 3 new co-op missions – Satellite Interception IV, Aerospace Center Defence (HARD) and the Pilot Aptitude test
  • New raid mission that sees you take on Godzilla
  • 6 New Aircraft Parts
  • New Instant Radio Messages
  • Additional Nicknames, Aircraft Skins and Emblems
  • Aircraft Level Cap Increase from Lvl 15 to 20
  • Added a function that provides a “Come Back Bonus” to people who haven’t signed in for a certain period of time.

For more information on the update, visit the official Ace Combat Facebook page.

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