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Tales of Hearts R to include Japanese voice-over

On June 12, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

Bandai Namco Games has announced that their upcoming PS Vita title, Tales of Hearts R will include the original Japanese voice-voice over.

“We received lot of feedbacks from fans to release Tales of Hearts R and today we are really happy to announce that the game will get an original Japanese Voice-Over along with EFIGS subtitles to please all the fans”! said the game’s Producer, Hideo Baba.

Tales of Hearts R story description:

Tales of Hearts R follows the story of Kor Meteor, a brave young man living in a small village by the sea, as he sharpens his fighting skills under the watchful eye of his grandfather. Impressed with Kor’s growing skill, his grandfather bequeaths to him a special type of weapon known as a Soma. Soma users must possess exceptionally strong Spiria, the source of all life from which the human mind and will are derived.

Armed with his Soma, Kor soon encounters a young woman named Kohaku Hearts who has been placed under a spell by a mysterious witch. As Kor attempts to lift the spell, he accidentally shatters Kohaku’s Spiria Core, the source of her emotions. Kor must set out on a journey to find a way to make Kohaku’s Spiria whole once more.

Tales of Hearts R is a remake of the Japanese only 2008 DS title, Tales of Hearts.

Tales of Hearts R will be available on the PlayStation Vita in winter 2014.

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