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Hope for Stargate fans as Stargate Unleashed could make a comeback

On February 12, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

Good news Stargate fans as RegalWorks Media have moved to acquire Working Element, the company behind Arkalis Interactive, creators of the first two episodes of the Stargate SG1: Unleashed mobile games.

Stargate fans were given the bad news regarding the collapse of Stargate SG1: Unleashed earlier this year with the game’s website and Facebook page falling silent, and attempts by SG Gaming Info to phone Arkalis Interactive proving fruitless.

The move to acquire Working Element was made revealed on the Wall Street Journal with RegalWorks announcing a binding Letter of Intent to acquire Working Element.

The press release on the Wall Street Journal website talks about Stargate SG1: Unleashed and Dane West, the RegalWorks Chairman & CEO’s interest in expanding into video games: “Their product management approach to transmedia production is a strong fit with our own model, a critical consideration as we add complementary assets and skillsets we can easily integrate. Expanding into video game and interactive media production augments our current focus of delivering feature films and is central to executing our transmedia strategy. When a great opportunity like Working Element comes along, it allows us to execute more elements of our core business strategy.”

RegalWorks Media has over 44-title portfolio that includes: Brian Jacques’ fantasy novel series “Redwall,” and digital and interactive rights to “Star Trek” and “Stargate”.

“The transaction with RegalWorks will bring us additional capital and expertise to seize the many business opportunities we have identified over the past several years,” states Darren Thomas, President of Working Element. “We could not be more excited about joining their team to accelerate the timing and maximize the revenue potential from each of our properties.”

Source: Gateworld (Wall Street Journal)

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