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No Man’s Sky makes an amazing debut at the VGX

On December 8, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

While the VGX award show was mainly dull there was a studio that managed to steal the show and create excitement. The studio in question was Hello Games who unveiled No Man’s Sky, a massive procedurally generated sci-fi game.

In a VGX interview Sean Murray from Hello Games gave an indication of what people can expect from the game:

“We wanted to make the game about exploration, and we wanted to make something that was real. So, in our game when you stand on a planet and you see a mountain and if that mountain is like three miles away or wherever it is and you can see it you can walk there, you can go and explore it, but if you see like I was describing to you, like that planet on the horizon which you see in the trailer, that’s a real place you can see features on it and you can get in your ship and go there.”

In the same interview Sean stated the game is a procedurally generated sci-fi game. Sean also stated the game would be a first game where you can explore and fight.

From what was shown in the trailer and what Sean Murray described in the interview it is amazing to think that this game is being developed by four people. Up until this point Hello Games have only developed Joe Danger games.

No Man’s Sky will be released on next-generation platforms, but Hello Games have not 100% specified what platforms the game will be on.

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