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Hello Games studio flooded on Christmas Eve

On December 25, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

It looks like Hello Games, the creators of Joe Danger and the hotly anticipated No Man’s Sky, are in for a stressful Christmas as the company has tweeted that their studio has been flooded.

The tweets came in late last night with official Hello Games twitter saying: “Oh God. Water moves really quickly. Hello Games has been totally flooded. Everything in the office has pretty much been lost.”

The official twitter released several more tweets throughout the day.





While Hello Games is relatively small studio with only four developers, the studio has recently received a huge amount of press and support after they announced No Man’s Sky at the VGX award show, earlier this month.

Hello Games have not revealed the extent of the damage, but hopefully everything they worked so hard to make is safely backed up. SG Gaming Info would like to wish everyone at Hello Games the best in this stressful situation.

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