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Ghostlight selling limited number of Elminage Original

On August 22, 2013 by Ash Meehan

What to grab your hands on a rare PSP game? Well Ghostlight  is selling 300 physical copies of Elminage Original via the Ghostlight store. The physical release will contain various extras such as a 92 page artbook and a certificate of authenticity.

The Elminage Original – Limited Edition will contain the following:

  • UMD with colour label
  • Black and white manual
  • 5 collector’s colour art cards
  • 92-page softback colour Art Book, featuring all monster artwork with their corresponding stats from the game
  • Ghostlight Certificate of Authenticity, featuring your unique production number out of 300
  • Promotional download code for the PSN version of Elminage Original (PSN version)

Elminage Original – Limited Edition is available for £29.99 via the following link: http://www.ghostlight.uk.com/games/sony-psp/elminage-original-limited-edition.html.

Description of Elminage Original:

Long ago, the gods forged their powers into six rings using them to create a barrier to protect the world. When a group of dark priestesses attempt to shatter the barrier and summon their Demon King, five of the six rings scatter themselves throughout the land to prevent further damage to the weakened barrier. To purge the land of this evil, you must lead your party of heroes on an adventure to find and bring the five rings together, restoring balance to the world!

Source: Ghostlight blog

Author: Ash Meehan

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