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ARMA 2: Army of the Czech Republic first impressions

On September 29, 2012 by Ash Meehan

Well first things first, you might be wondering why is this a first impressions and a not a full review. Well the answer is pretty simple, after about 7 hours and getting stuck and lost on the first two missions I think I have a clear enough picture to give my impressions of the expansion. I would like to point out that this was my first experience playing Arma 2.

Now what does the expansion offer? The Army of the Czech Republic offer a new 15 mission long campaign based around the Czech army trying to restore order after the civil war in Bystrica ended and authentic Czech army weapons and vehicles.

The two missions I completing where pretty massive. The first mission had me hunt down a war criminal, but to find him I had to explore the map finding points of interest with my 4 man squad, the second mission involved me and an 8 man strong squad patrol the area in an APC as the gunner and take out enemies. Both missions where pretty diverse, but both did stretch on for too long.


The first mission took me about five hours to complete as I had to search around the whole map and re-load the game a lot due to enemy APC and enemies catching me off guard. The second mission for me was simply painful, while I was gunner on the APC I had to order where the driver should go and while giving instruction he would hit rocks etc. to make it worse the constant distraction of trying to drive while in the gunner seat as enemies surround you and destroy you and your squad, in the mission you can take direct control of the vehicle and let the AI shoot, but the AI seems much slower which the shooting especially when you get surrounded.

Ok, I don’t have that many kind words to say about the missions, but what I will say is the game and the expansion really does keep the game true to the military sim genre. When I first started I went in with a Call of Duty and Battlefield mindset, but I quickly learned that to be able to be anyway decent I had to unlearn what those two FPS thought me and start anew. For you see Arma 2 is unforgiving you can take very few hits, so I found myself running from cover to cover taking pot shots at the enemy forces while trying to keep my squad alive. The enemies in the expansion are pretty difficult I had to turn the game down to its lowest difficulty and I still found myself to be overwhelmed by the enemy.


From a first impressions and first time Arma 2 player perspective the game has a pretty steep learning curve since it plays so vastly different to most modern first person shooters, the missions themselves are in theory pretty good, but they drag on and over stay their welcome. That said I must say it is nice to fight as a member of the Czech army as it isn’t a country you would normally play as in video games, it was also nice to see the game be voice in Czech the countries native language, as it gives it does make the game more lifelike.

In conclusion I will have to say from a first time player I would give it a miss, but those who have played the previous expansions and original Arma 2 it is worth the €8.99 that steam is charging.

Arma II: Army of the Czech Republic can be purchased via Steam for €8.99 or via the official Bohemia Interactive store for €9.99. Please note to be able to play the expansion you must own the full version of Arma 2: Combined Operations.

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