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Runescape shakes up its combat

On July 3, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

For 11 years now Runescape has existed and now one of its biggest updates is currently undergoing testing. The update will see combat change forever with the introduction of action bars and a lot more.

Testing for the combat upgrade is apparently going well as Jagex will be opening up the beta as 50,000 testers will be let loose on the new combat system.

Now what does the combat changes offer that makes the update so big? As I said earlier action bars will be introduced into the game for the first time. Other additions include an adrenaline bar which slow fills during combat unlocking more powerful attacks to use on your enemy, the ability to cast buffs and debuffs, the ability to dual wield one handed weapons, the ability to perform a critical hit and finally a whole host of new character animations.

Here are some screenshots of the new abilities, action bar and combat.

These changes will likely completely change how people will take part in combat and will likely close the divide between the different play styles the game has to offer.

Mark Ogilvie, RuneScape’s Lead Designer said that “We really wanted to make our conflict game play more about the actual art of combat, so we’ve added amazing abilities which will give the player a wealth of choices to use in PvE and PvP combat, and the way those abilities relate to each other will bring a completely new sense of tactical depth to the game. We’ve also made huge improvements to the look and sound of combat, meaning the entire game has become a far more gritty, visceral and adrenaline pumping experience.”

Below is a look at the combat and adrenaline bars in a Runescape behind the scenes video.

To check out other behind the scenes videos related to the combat update click here and to learn more about the combat update click here.

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