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New Star Trek Online update gives fleets a home

On July 18, 2012 by Ash Meehan

In the latest Star Trek Online update called Season 6: Under Siege, Cryptic Studios has added the ability for fleets to make their fleet holdings complete with a starbase and more.

At fleet holdings fleets will be able to unlock new Starbase enhancements, access new Operational Assets, and add brand-new ultra-rare items to your Fleet Store, including new starships, equipment and uniforms. The fleet holding is open to fleets of any size.

New fleet events have being added which will see you defend a Starbase from an attack in a 5-player Fleet Alert, or fight the enemy in a new, 20-player Fleet Action. In other 5-player events, you’ll save freighters from a blockade or search a dark, Starbase cargo hold for saboteurs.

Max level players will be gain access to high level content to challenge players. Some of the new max level challenges include “No Win Scenario and Colony Rescue.

Other updates include the return of the Tholians, foundry update and improved UI.

To find out more about the season 6 update visit http://sto.perfectworld.com/seasons/season6.

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