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Battlefield 3 Gulf of Oman Gameplay

On November 28, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

EA and Dice has released gameplay for Gulf of Oman, one of the four upcoming maps in the Back to Karkand DLC due out next month.

Gulf of Oman like the other three maps is a re-mastered map from Battlefield 2. The gameplay for the map shows of the various unique vehicles that will be available for people to use like the STOVL fighter jet, desert buggy, an APC and of course an all powerful…JCB.

Also I missed out on the first of the series of gameplay trailers for the DLC so here is Strike on Karkand gameplay trailer from last earlier this month.

Back to Karkand will be out December 2011 with PS3 users getting the DLC a week before Xbox 360 and PC. The DLC will be free for those who purchased the Limited Edition copy of Battlefield 3, but if you didn’t the DLC will cost $14.99 or 1,200 Microsoft Points.

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