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Behind the scenes look at MW3’s strike packages

On October 20, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Activision has released a behind the scenes video for Modern Warfare 3 which details the three strike packages which is a new addition to the MW multiplayer.

The strike packages are assault, support and specialist. With kill streaks replaced with point streaks the packages will help define what streaks you can get. Remember to get points you can kill, assist and capture objects, which is a far better way than kill streaks because this will likely encourage more team play.

The first strike package is Assault which is great for those who love to rank up kills. Your streaks will include predator missiles, assault drone and sentry gun.

The support package is great for those who like to focus on team work. The support class has a unique feature in comparison to the assault and that is points persist through death. Your streaks will include UAV jammer, advanced UAV and sentry turret.

The final package is the specialist and it is truly different to the other two packages because you don’t unlock streaks that you would be used too. The specialist class will see you unlock new perks for every 2 kills you get. While you start on 3 perks in theory you can unlock every perk in the game.

It is good to see Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games widen the net of the Call of Duty multiplayer more by not just rewarding those people who can get a large number of kills, but now rewarding those who play more tactically etc.

Check out the behind the scenes trailer below.

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